neumatico schwalbe big betty 26x2.4 bikepark

neumatico perfecto para bikepark compuesto duro alambre 
Precio habitual $35.990

schwable magic mary 29x2.4 ultra soft super gravity

magic mary pared de dh   compuesto soft 
Precio habitual $76.990

neumatico schwalbe big betty bikepark 29x2.4

neumatico big betty 2.4  29x2.4  alambre  
Precio habitual $38.990


Easy to fit and remove tyre Offers Pinch flat protection Offers Rim protection Will not absorb sealant Works with all rims which have an inner width from 19mm to 35mm Weight: 130g per 27.5″ insert, 144g per 29″ insert Patent Pending 1804173.1
Precio habitual $69.990

Maxxis minion dhr2 29x2.5 dh casing 3c

maxxis minion dhr 29x2.5 dh casing  3c neumatico dh casing   
Precio habitual $78.990 $84.990

MAXXIS ASSEGAI 29x2.5 3C Tubules ready max grip dh casing

maxxis assegai 29x2.5 triple compuesto max grip dh casing  tubules redy
Precio habitual $78.990

Maxxis minion Dhf DD 29x2.5 3c tr

Neumático maxxis minion Dhf
Precio habitual $75.000 $81.990

Neumatico maxxis minion dhf 29x2.5 exo alambre

neumatico maxxis minion dhf  alambre exo 
Precio habitual $20.000 $39.990

maxxis dhf 29x2.3 exo tr

neumatico dhf 2.3 aro 29 maxxis  
Precio habitual $30.000 $49.990

Maxxis minion Dhf Dh casing 29x2.5

Neuma Dh casing alambre 29x2.5  3c  tubular   
Precio habitual $83.990

Maxxis Aggressor 29x2.5 K WT 2C DD TR

 Maxxis Aggressor 29x2.5 K WT 2C DD TR $76990
Precio habitual $75.990 $79.990

Neumatico MAXXIS assegai 2.5 29 exo+tr

neumatico maxxis aseggai 2.5 29 exo TR sirve para tubular muy rodador 
Precio habitual $30.000 $49.990
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